Value of liberal arts

In addition to launching the compact, the Association of American Colleges and Universities also recently released the results of a new national survey of employers that describes what college graduates need to succeed in a global economy.

Finally, our society desperately needs the grounding in ethical thinking and questioning that the liberal arts provide. The strong writing skills gained from her liberal arts background would help her to effectively communicate her research findings through publications.

Facing the same pressures of internationalization and innovation that have generated increased scrutiny of educational styles in the United States, universities in Asia are adapting liberal arts education as an economic necessity.

It is the most specialized and most challenging liberal arts degree, and can take anywhere from 3 to 7 years of post-undergraduate work to complete.

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A liberal arts education provides this grounding. Anxious parents often counsel their children to pursue these disciplines because job prospects are seemingly better in STEM areas.

It develops and Value of liberal arts the brain to think within and across all disciplines so that it may serve the individual over a lifetime. Such graduates will develop skills to help our country implement solutions rather than simply conduct arguments.

In a country of polarized politics, a liberal education enables critical thinking and the capacity to put tough issues into a larger context. At the undergraduate level it provides a well-rounded, solid education that can be transferred to a wide variety of careers, including business, law, social work, and more.

Even inwhen Eleanor Roosevelt spoke at Smith, she anticipated the challenge: Search engines and social networks track our online habits to influence our preferences.

Liberal Arts Degrees

Misconceptions and sound bites gain traction: This has led to major investments by liberal arts colleges in STEM fields; a handful of liberal arts colleges—Smith among them—have launched engineering programs. In his book, The World Is Flat: Art History Professor T.

Increasingly, the information we receive from many sources -- including character Twitter feeds, videos and other social media -- is tailored to our presumed interests.

There can be no doubt that they play an essential part in providing a foundation for learning in every professional field. Students choose a specific major when they attend a liberal arts college, but they are also required to take courses in a variety of disciplines, where there is a heavy focus on writing and communicating effectively.

The traditional name can be confusing, as it is applied across disciplines, not just for the philosophy major. What majors earn the most right out of college? So as you approach your college search you may find yourself asking: The STEM disciplines are eminently worthy areas of study. Yet, judging the value of a liberal arts education, even with a purely economic calculus, shows it to be more relevant than ever before.

Learning how to learn by learning how to think makes a well-educated person. In fact, a recent study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that nearly three-fourths of employers nationwide would advise students to pursue a well-rounded liberal arts education.

If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never earned degrees, is college really necessary? I look forward to company in that field. More than colleges, community colleges and universities and eight state systems of higher education are working through LEAP to ensure that all their students achieve this essential learning.

More important by far, is what our college graduates do beyond the starting line to build a rewarding life, create a fulfilling career and serve their communities. Her economics minor would help her to be successful if she decided to start and grow her own private practice.

Much of the conversation surrounding higher education is focused on value and ROI. A liberal arts education is intended to expand the capacity of the mind to think critically and analyze information effectively.

Cech, who is now president of Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a distinguished chemistry and biochemistry professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, even though only 3 percent of college graduates received their education at liberal arts colleges, roughly 20 percent of scientists elected into the National Academy of Sciences in a recent two-year span come from liberal arts institutions.

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today's Global Marketplace

The findings clearly underscore the importance of the liberal arts.The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts First-generation students are finding personal and professional fulfillment in the humanities and social sciences. George Anders. The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today’s World By Ashley, IvyWise Principal College Admissions Counselor The growing cost of college combined with the increasing demand for students in career-ready fields such as engineering, finance, computer science, and medicine has left many people challenging the liberal arts.

A liberal arts education provides this grounding. Most people will have six to 10 jobs during their careers, and liberal arts majors are the most adaptable to new circumstances.

“Recent attacks on the liberal arts by ill-informed commentators and policymakers have painted a misleading picture of the value of the liberal arts to individuals and our communities,” AAC&U President Carol Geary Schneider stated in.

Nov 16,  · A liberal arts education works for us, no matter what our political leanings are. We need it now more than ever. I was an admission officer at Amherst College for eight years and college counselor.

The Value of Liberal Arts Education

Judging the value of a liberal arts education, even with a purely economic calculus, shows it to be more relevant than ever before.

Value of liberal arts
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