The lack of diversity in the teaching profession

TES Article — update Rowena Arshad informed the group that TESS will run the article later next month and are keen to publish a follow up once the report has been completed.

Working group on diversity in teaching: minutes January 2018

She introduced Reed Sweir to the group who was attending as her guest. And, working on strengthening the current policies in place—including scholarships, training programs, and Grow Your Own projects —will allow more minorities to access the resources they need to enter the teaching workforce and stay for their entire careers.

A second request for information was sent in January. Action 3 — Kelly Ireland to set up meeting with groups and create proforma in advance of the meetings. Nevada and Illinois had the second and third largest gaps, of 41 and 35 percentage points, respectively.

Teaching profession fails to reflect multi-cultural student population

The federal government can also take the lead on requesting programs to report on diversity efforts. The research also analysed colleges, universities and higher education, where picture was equally disappointing: Summary of actions Kelly Ireland to The lack of diversity in the teaching profession up those who have not responded.

As the number of minority students in schools continues to grow, it becomes essential for the teaching force to not only relate to them, but also provide a well-rounded education that makes every child feel included. The agenda for these meetings will focus on pulling materials from stakeholder meetings together and another on the formation of the report.

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Working on supporting high-need schools will not only benefit the students, but also help give teachers—many of whom are teachers of color—an added support system to keep them in the profession.

Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, agrees: It was agreed that the key questions should be aligned to the key objectives of the group. The agenda for these meetings will focus on pulling materials from stakeholder meetings together and another on the formation of the report.

For starters, more programs and initiatives need to be developed that work towards bringing minority teachers into the profession. Teachers of color provide real-life examples to minority students of future career paths," the researchers write.

TES Article — update 8. Adding these teachers also gives them a further incentive to stay in the schools, while also giving students an opportunity to connect with someone who can relate to their experience firsthand. Strengthening state-sponsored and nonprofit teacher recruitment and training organizations by increasing standards for admission, using best practices to recruit high-achieving minority students, and forming strong relationships with districts to ensure recruitment needs are met.

While high school graduation is a minimum requirement for the teaching profession, just over half of black, Latino and Native American students finish high school.

She also thanked Glasgow City Council for the use of their facilities. The group listings, meeting location and group representative s can be found in annex B.

Agree minutes of previous meeting and review actions 2. Action 1 — Kelly Ireland to issue a final reminder to stakeholder who have not yet responded.

Agree date and time of meetings This percentage is even more pronounced in schools: Working group on diversity in teaching: The meetings will be arranged by the Scottish Government and will be primarily based in Glasgow.

This is the first step in ensuring that minority teachers emerge from teacher preparation programs with the skills needed to be effective teachers. Reducing the cost of becoming a teacher by creating more avenues to enter the field and increasing the number of qualified credentialing organizations.

Join the Guardian Teacher Network for lesson resources, comment and job opportunitiesdirect to your inbox. The prejudice and barriers that BAME communities face mean that many do not consider teaching as a profession despite the important role they could play.

Increasing the programs that work—through scope, funding, and size—will allow more minorities to join the teaching profession. Creating statewide initiatives to fund teacher preparation programs aimed at low-income and minority teachers. And while there are effective teachers of many races, teachers of color have demonstrated success in increasing academic achievement for engaging students of similar backgrounds.

The NEA report also found that a majority of states have adopted policy stances that focus attention on attracting minority teachers for hard-to- staff schools through alternative routes and also by using scholarships.

California yielded the largest discrepancy of 43 percentage points, with 72 percent minority students compared with 29 percent minority teachers. The members were disappointed by the lack of responses but understand that this may be due to the timing of the request going out.

As well as affecting student engagement with school, the lack of role models could also deepen the staff recruitment and retention crisis that plagues teaching. Information gathering exercise — Diversity across the profession 3.A lack of diversity in Scotland’s teaching profession is damaging pupils’ attainment and life chances, an education union’s annual conference will hear.

Members are “shocked to note the limited progress made towards equality and diversity across the teaching profession”, according to a. Lack of diversity among teaching staff in Louisiana's schools raising concerns The number of teachers entering the profession in Louisiana is declining, and state lawmakers may launch a study.

Study on the Diversity within the Teaching Profession with Particular Focus on Migrant and/or Minority Background Final Report to DG Education and Culture of the. The racial and ethnic makeup of the teaching profession doesn't reflect that shift. "While more diverse teachers have entered the profession in recent years, their numbers have not kept pace with the PK–12 population shift," the AACTE study said.

His school has made diversity a priority in recent years, and with a good deal of success. Information gathering exercise – Diversity across the profession 3. The members were disappointed by the lack of responses but understand that this may be due to the timing of the request going out.

NEA Report: Lack of Teacher Diversity Jeopardizes Student Achievement. By Edward Graham. As the report notes, many states have policies working to create a diverse teaching profession, but the follow-through is often scattershot and .

The lack of diversity in the teaching profession
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