The impact of consumerism in india

Consumerism in India and it’s Effects

However, recent trends suggest that a wave of consumerism is spreading to India also. In this way, consumers are targeted based on their searches and bombarded with information about more goods and services that they may eventually need, positioning themselves as a need rather than a want.

Automobiles are a clear example. In the West, it is a common phenomenon, but now even developing countries in the world are resorting to it.


As Robbins was quoted above, someone has to pay for our consumption levels. Consumerism has also resulted in ecological imbalances. This interconnectedness seems to imply the emergence of a universal language of technology which could potentially bridge cultural differences.

More comforts for a better living style. Similarly, the concept of secularism, another Western idea, is totally absent within Indian cultural scheme except as a borrowed idea from the West.

Consumerism in India

For example, the grand parent-grand child relationship is an absolute necessity in many families. The pottery inventor and entrepreneurJosiah Wedgwoodnoticed the way aristocratic fashions, themselves subject to periodic changes in direction, slowly filtered down through society.


The Eastern spiritualism and philosophy has always laid emphasis on simplicity. The Consumer Protection Act provides for three-tier machinery for the redressal of consumer grievances at national level National; Commissionstate level State Commission and district level District Forum. Many husbands are very pleased and relieved that their wives are working, are pursuing jobs if not careers, generating income for the families, and finding happiness in both domestic as well as outside involvement.

The High-Tech Trashing of Asia: Additional requirements are made on the environment to produce even more. This can be accomplished by a knowledge of the literature, the economic scene, and important cultural works that reflect the culture in some meaningful terms.

Effects of Consumerism

Now we shall address some key cultural and social themes marking recent developments in India. Of course, even in urban areas, the transformation is not total and is limited to white collar jobs. My experience in India has taught me some important lessons.

Primary positive consumerism effects are: Their interpretations may be different from those of indigenous scholars but they are nevertheless well-informed and well-founded. While modernization was used as a broad concept dealing with urbanization, social mobility and new media experiences, Westernization was identified with social and cultural patterns dealing with clothing, eating, language and the like.

And long before the fears that the Kyoto Climate Change protocol would encourage western businesses to move dirty industry to poorer countries that were exempt from emissions reduction targets, multinational businesses were already looking for places with lower standards. Many women from different castes do attend colleges and universities, and are gainfully employed.

By that I mean that it is not merely a difference between a parent and a daughter that one expects to find here, but differences among groups of younger women within narrow range of age categories.

A second aspect of consumerism discourse relates to the everyday patterns of behavior one expects to find in consumerism or commercialism. Restoration London also saw the growth of luxury buildings as advertisements for social position with speculative architects like Nicholas Barbon and Lionel Cranfield.

Modernist methods found in the conventional social sciences have limited value when the objective is to capture change in non-Western cultures. Clearly, it is different from the Cartesian self which establishes the identity of the individual in the West.

Increased production will result in more employment opportunities. The more goods produced and consumed by society the higher the growth rate of the economy. After observing the assembly lines in the meat packing industry, Frederick Winslow Taylor brought his theory of scientific management to the organization of the assembly line in other industries; this unleashed incredible productivity and reduced the costs of all commodities produced on assembly lines.

That is, the consumption itself, plus the production and waste of products used in consumption.CONSUMERISM IN INDIA ISSUE & PROBLEMS the external environment which has a tremendous impact on the development and growth of business.

The environment of business Business has to change its attitude towards consumerism in order to survive in. India's Changing Consumer Economy: a Cultural Perspective Alladi Venkatesh, University of California, Irvine ABSTRACT - As India moves from a production oriented mixed economy to a consumer society, there is a need to understand the forces behind this transition.

Following are some recent investments and developments in the Indian consumer market sector. India is now the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer with presence of factories as of July How will this double-digit MSP hike impact consumer goods and rural sales?

GET NEWS ALERTS. India has grown an average of over 20%. Consumerism, Need for consumerism, Rights to customers, Consumerism in India, Consumers Responsibility, Hindrances to growth of consumerism. Consumerism is fast emerging as an environmental force affecting major business decisions as consumers become more aware about their rights.

Even though comprehensive staturory measures have been provided in India for curbing unfair business practices, for protecting consumer interest, and for promoting consumerism; companies have yet to do a lot.

Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

With the industrial revolution, but particularly in the 20th century, mass production led to an economic crisis: there was overproduction — the supply of goods would grow beyond consumer demand, and so manufacturers.

The impact of consumerism in india
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