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This simply becomes a redundant statement that is trivially true. Tat tvam asi meaning, That Thou Art is one such.

In Ablative case, it means the very origin of Individual self is the Supreme Self. The individual self itself belongs to Supreme self. Context and examples[ edit ] Now when Shvetaketu completes his studies and comes home and shows his arrogance, that is when his father Uddalaka starts this dialog.

In Genitive case, it means that Individual self does not own anything as everything belongs to Supreme self. The Supreme self is not dependent on cosmic Maya to perform His actions like creation nor can He become a victim of avidya ignorance that can degenerate Him to the level of Individual self.

Different schools of philosophy interpret such fundamental statements in significantly different ways, so as to be consistent with their own philosophical thought.

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Each of the four Vedas has metaphysical speculations, known as Upanishadsat the end. In Locative case it means the Individual self is located in Supreme self and thus always seeking support for the very existence.

In Accusative case sense, it means that the very object and purpose of an Individual self is Supreme self.

On the same token, one must not also equate the Individual self with the Supreme self. No philosopher would equate the dress or the physical body to either the individual self or Supreme self. One is Atman refers to individual self and that refers to Supreme inner self and negating their selfsameness is the purport.

There are only two ways the triviality can go.

Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram

Thus in every which way, the eternal dependence is indicated. In Vishishtadvaita[ edit ] The Vedas form the fundamental source text for everything in Hinduism.

Further, the nine examples that are given by Uddalaka to Shvetaketu speak of the differences and dependency and thus removing any scope for interpretation of identity in that statement. In Dative case, it means the very goal of Individual self is to reach the Supreme inner self.This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Tat Tvam Asi

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Ashrama (stage.

Sankardev essay help
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