How successful is rolex marketing essay

Some of the replicas are of similar quality and are almost identical in appearance as an original Rolex and so those that are willing to purchase copies are able to find them in greater supply than the original.

Some of the dealers do offer online sales but all encourage buyers to visit the retail locations. Instead of relying on a complex brand image based on words or a complex picture Rolex relies on a simple single image of a crown for its branding.

The limited distribution channels that have been authorized by Rolex allow a greater demand for the product but also allows dealers to set prices for sales and repairs that exclude many demographics. Because the company had focused on wristwatches instead of the more popular pocket watch and had garnered such a reputation for accuracy they became common issue for soldiers during the First World War.

Watching the commercials that Rolex has produced and aired in the past shows that they have a consistent message and a consistent How successful is rolex marketing essay How successful is rolex marketing essay the advertising they do air. The commercials convey prestige and wealth by displaying images of large yachts and race cars racing.

The locations selected are all in upscale areas and have an established reputation for quality. The company does not offer any sort of discounts for customers or any sort of price reductions or sales although occasionally there are dealers that offer discounts because of financial difficulties. It would be better for Rolex to not only authorize additional retail outlets for its products but also offer refurbished and remanufactured originals on a company website.

The competition from elite watchmakers is fierce and many companies make quality prestigious watches. Below is a picture of tennis star Roger Federer wearing his Rolex www.

The genius of Rolex is that they have narrowed the marketing communications message being sent to a simple one that is consistently conveyed across all mediums. The main message that is portrayed to consumers is that Rolex purchasers are wealthy, attractive, active, and lead interesting lives.

Having established his London-based watch company Rolex inhe had decided to test the accuracy of his products by sending them off to a Swiss observatory. The way that Rolex creates a brand image is unique and extremely effective.

As of Januarythey have over four million likes of their page. The Rolex Submariner is a watch designed specifically for divers and was the first watch to be waterproof up to meters and is now made to withstand depths of up to meters Rolex,np.

In response to the market and how people are reached Rolex created a page on Facebook in The competition that Rolex faces comes from elite watchmakers and the companies that create replica watches that imitate the Rolex brand. There are many organizations that excel at marketing products and services but the greatest example of marketing genius is displayed by the Rolex watch company.

The broad strokes of advertising that are often used by large promotions such as purchasing time during large sporting events like the Super Bowl are not used by Rolex. Rolex is one of the greatest marketers of its products in the market today. Rolex has focused on the features that are important to its customer base since the company was founded in When the company was started if the founder had not taken the unusual step of gaining certification as to his watches accuracy the company and the hallmarks of the product would not be known.

The marketing mix of the Rolex watch company is an example of why not following the usual way to market products is often a good idea.

A careful examination of the marketing mix of a company yields insight into the health and direction of the company by indicating the market being pursued by the company. The pricing strategy that the Rolex company employs is distinct in its conception and execution.

The product that Rolex offers is close to unmatched in several arenas such as timing watches for boating and diving watches for undersea diving. Rolex achieves success by controlling the four main tools available to marketing managers to make up the market mix: Consumers shop this category of watch by research and more importantly by word of mouth.

Rolex has a very exclusive distribution network consisting of only a limited number of fine jewelry stores. It is important that successful marketing managers take advantage of the controllable tools of the marketing mix as they have done at Rolex. The second feature that is important to Rolex customers is the prestige associated with the brand.

The Cartier Roadster watch is a direct competitor of Rolex and has an equally accurate movement and displays a much more artistic styling than the Rolex.

The image that is portrayed is that customers purchase Rolex as a statement and as a reward for success. Identifying needs and then meeting them does not happen by accident; it takes a concise plan.Marketing of Rolex Essay Marketing Strategy of Rolex Chapter 1: Introduction and Company’s History Introduction: On the 22nd of March Swatch has been highly successful throughout its existence and therefore it is particularly interesting to know how they achieved this considerable success.

The company is the undisputed market dominant, and a huge innovator, in luxury watchmaking. Rolex has attended an almost mythical status in the watch industry; a result of a combination of marketing, company culture, royal customers following, bordering fanaticism, and the fact that the company remains, surprisingly, secretive.

The Rolex Marketing Mix: A Success Story

Rolex's current marketing strategy will assist in analyzing the success of Rolex in such dynamic and competitive wristwatch industry. Limitations of the Study The scope of the research is limited as there are both time and resource constraints.

Marketing Hour Report: The Jewelry Industry – Luxury Watches Section 2 – Group Number 7 Group Members: Executive Summary Rolex is currently facing a problem in their brand positioning in the U.S.

luxury watch market. Principles and Practice of Marketing. Cengage Learning EMEA Description: I have attached an assignment instructions in order for you to better understand an idea.

Examples List on Rolex Company Analysis

There will be a need of examples and diagrams to support the assignment. Please put the logo of “rolex” watches company in each paper, cause I chose a Rolex company as a main example.

Service Marketing Rolex Brand Audit 1) What do you understand about brand audit? Explain in relevance tothis case a brand audit is a comprehensive examination of a brand to discover itssources of brand equity.

How successful is rolex marketing essay
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