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This should be the only ethical goal for all organizations working in this domain. Here scientists are solving many fundamental questions related to the development paths of scientific thought, and to the impact of these developments in robotics as well as computing for the life of future generations.

Two major methodologies or believes are the bottom-up and top-down methods. Herbert Simon was an innovator of artificial intelligence systems and had predicted in High computer artificial intelligence essay within 20 years machines will be capable of doing everything that human beings can do.

If one cannot know how an artificial intelligence would act, then it may not necessarily act in horrific ways; but on the other hand, it is almost inevitable that it would eventually do something or another that most human beings would find morally horrific. This should be done at a swift pace without any wastage of time and resources.

The regulatory committees can make sure the applicability and the genuineness of the ideas where this technology can be applicable. AI refers to only a computer that is able to "seem" intelligent by analyzing data and producing a response.

Researchers have referred to this quality of artificial intelligence as bottom heavy cognition. They have all been handpicked to serve the needs of college and university students worldwide.

In particular, one such basic assumption would seem to be that human beings will in fact be able to create a form of intelligence High computer artificial intelligence essay is more sophisticated than the human mind itself.

So, it hinders the chances of employment to the people who so desperately might require a job. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. It has to be remembered that while conducting a web search, artificial intelligence does all the heavy work that was previously done through a chain of events that involved several people, such as the role of the Post Office.

Artificial Intelligence Introduction Artificial intelligence is the area of science that focuses upon creating machines that have the ability to behave more intelligently than human beings.

Speech or scanned text recognition, the solution of computationally complex problems in a short time, and much more — all these is possible thanks to the development of artificial intelligence. To take an obvious example, the Internet barely existed before the yearwhereas life without the Internet is inconceivable today in the modern world.

Artificial Intelligence Examples Common examples of artificial intelligence in the contemporary world can be found in game playing activities such as puzzles, backgammon, chess, checkers and cards.

The research of the Artificial Intelligence is based on two main lines. Artificial intelligence comes with a series of advantages with the most basic ones being costs reduction, speed, flexibility, reliability, durability and duplication. Replacement of a human expert with artificial intelligence systems, in particular expert systems, of course, where it is permissible, can significantly speed up and cheapen the production process.

How does one quantify happiness, anger, or distress? The moral impact of AI could be the worse of all. The suggestion made in his article is that what is most to be feared about advanced artificial intelligence is dangers technology poses to morality and philosophy: Services Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is the use of computers to capture human brains in limited domains.

But it is possible for scientists at least in the near future to create artificial intelligence machines that possess human abilities. Another reason why such a possibility remains quite remote is that the search is not being done in the right direction.

This concern could perhaps be explicated by making an analogy to the capacities that technologies already have that human beings do not. The specially designed chess engine which plays as the human opponent is capable of counting millions of moves which is incapable to human beings. Presently, spam filters are also artificial intelligence systems that are learning adapted because they prompt e-mail users to identify what they feel is spam so that the performance of the website is improved.

In this case, human beings would still be more intelligent than their creations in the deep sense; but then, human beings may also encounter considerable difficulties with getting their runaway creations back under control. In addition, there are several other examples of artificial intelligence such as air force pilots being able to land their planes on aircraft carriers.

Essay on the Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

In relation to cost reduction an artificial intelligence system can perform a task that is handled by several workers thus it cuts on wage costs. Other supporters of AI take a more extreme view. At the present time, it is difficult to imagine how full artificial intelligence could be controlled; but to a large extent, this may be because the possibility of such a technology is so abstract and hypothetical, and thus beyond the real grasp of the human imagination.

Films such as Star Trek and the Matrix demonstrated super intelligence that was much superior to human beings, especially in the context of problem solving and reasoning.

The artificial Intelligence is a combination of computer science, physiology and philosophy. Another reason why such a possibility remains quite remote is that the search is not being directed on the correct route.

Here, however, is where some lines begin to be crossed.

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Intelligent here means, things which could be done at a faster pace and thinking than a human mind. It is also possible to choose the kind of language and rules that users wish to use are required because every language has different rules of usage.


Here, a new perspective on the role of certain scientific results is formed and here appears philosophical understanding of these results. When AI is used to understand the texts, codes and also interpreting the secretive images which are meant to be under strict confidentiality, there is a possibility of a breach in security, which can potentially bring own the biggest democracies in the world.

An example in this context is the character of the data and information in terms of thousands of images that can be developed through different sources of knowledge in order to recognize words in different settings and handwriting. Basically, it comes down to the question of the differences between computers and humans.Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is a broad topic, consisting of different fields, from machine vision to expert systems.

Nowadays with the use of high level techniques, computers have been programmed to solve many difficult problems, but the products that are available today are only a sample of what is coming in the future. An important field in computer science today is artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Essay

The novel approaches that computer scientists use in this field are looked to for answers to many of the problems that have not been solved through traditional approaches to software engineering thus far.

One of the concepts. In summary, this essay has discussed the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. It began with a description of a couple high-profile comments on this subject; then it proceeded to consider alternative perspectives on the dangers or lack thereof; and finally, it conducted a philosophical and ideological analysis of the subject under consideration/5(5).

When humans play a computer game or run a computer-controlled robot, we are actually interacting with artificial intelligence. Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence: 1.

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High Cost: Creation of artificial intelligence requires huge costs as they are very complex machines. Their repair and maintenance require huge costs. - Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence or "AI" is the study of computer science that tries to enlighten and to imitate, through machine-driven or computational procedures, facets of human intelligence.

Essays on Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Preview. Artificial Intelligence. 6 pages artificial intelligence and computer science.

Cognitive learning theories emphasize the relationship between new information and previously learned information, and so the terminators with their built in learning ability.

High computer artificial intelligence essay
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