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All of the little pleasures that we have a hard time finding time for can be enjoyed hopefully without guilt when we are sick. If you only had a year to live what would your priorities be?

There is no way to avoid old age, sickness, and death. It brings into focus that we can never know when things will change for us.

If someone you care about got sick, what would you want to say to that person? Let others take care of you. If you only had a year to live, what would you do with the time you have left? Treat it with care. We get so busy that forget about the essential art of taking care of ourselves.

Unfortunately as soon as Hey in sick places whut felt better I forgot what I knew when I was really sick. You may have had this thought process that arises for you when you are sick, or need to ask for help. Illness is one way we can be called back to value of this art. Being sick is a great time to reflect on the meaning of our lives.

We only have so many hours and days of health. Reflect on the frailty of life. People who are in hospitals only have time to sit around and watch TV; is that what you want to do with your free time? Often illness brings into focus what we wish we could be doing when we feel healthy.

Maybe when you were growing up asking for help was met with accusations of selfishness, or perhaps not met at all. Many people get stuck in the role of the capable and strong person, especially the kinds of people that read blogs about mindfulness and self-improvement.

This Is The Place To Be If You're Sick Of Everything

We often take small simple tasks for granted. Our willingness to acknowledge impermanence can either bring anxiety or help us focus on what we want to do with our lives. It is our vehicle for awakening. How would your life change if you did one of these a week?

Reflect on the benefit of health. What if you exchanged kindness with others, more freely, and more often? What principles do you want to adhere to in life and what small things could you let slide? Whether in sickness or in health, life calls for us to pay attention. These are all nourishing practices to engage in no matter what the state of your health.

Being sick is a great time to give ourselves permission for self-care. Sometimes when I am sick, I can trace back to the imbalance that may have led to the illness.

Just reflect on how good it feels to help someone we care about.

Their simplicity can seem too easy for us when we are in the midst of a busy life, but when we are sick they might be at just the right pace for us.

Why are you waiting? Reflect on your own death and what you want to do with the life you have left. I saw how much I needed my body, how bad it felt to not be able to rely on it. How can we use each hour of our lives to benefit the people we love the most?

Every practice that helps us pay attention lengthens the life we have left. Sickness reminds us of the frailty and preciousness of this life. How can you use you health to benefit yourself and others? Take time to do little things. We can use this change of pace to change perspective. When we get sick, we all have a choice of how to work with illness.Alex puts Akinator to the test to see if he knows all the FORTNITE CHARACTERS in todays video!

I've been sick. - Duration: 27 minutes. Alex. 49, views; Hey everyone I thought you would. 5 Powerful Things to Do for Yourself When You’re Sick By Samuel Gentoku McCree “Your body is precious.

It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha. Getting sick is rarely, if ever fun for anyone, but we all get sick. You can cheat on your taxes, but you can't cheat on sickness.

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Good that i did all of ur routes guys! Jk im dying inside. Sick Around the World by Linda Ghent "Sick around the World" examines how 5 capitalist democracies (United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and .

Hey in sick places whut
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