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Instead of focusing on the creation of new roles and organizational levels, he should handle the issue of assigning authority and control to the respective executives and managers first. Following factors need to be taken care of while designing a new structure: Identify specific Fontana engineering management organization essay questions Spend time coming up with questions that flow from your main research aim, this will save you time later.

Stick to the expected layout Each institution may suggest their own layout, but typical sections include: There were a lot of managerial levels and the infrastructure, hiring and training costs increased considerably.

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It was difficult for new managers to gain respect of the teams 3. All other employees were only involved in developing and selling products.

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It provided clarity of responsibilities and authority across different functions 2. Use journals, books, articles and on-line resources and make sure you use as up to date material as you can.

I would have introduced a Matrix structure for integrating the product teams with the businesses or divisions that were usually divided in terms of resource allocation and decision-making and acted as separate companies.

Advantages of Matrix Structure: Necessary to gain control and provide direction for the company. New product ideas reduced significantly as they needed interaction between the divisions 3. The matrix structure will give a product centric view of business operations as well as a functional view thus encouraging the flow of information, idea sharing and focus towards new product development and customer oriented strategy planning.

Functional teams were informed about the product happenings on a daily basis. The burden of final decision-making at the corporate management level reduced Problems Created or Persistent: Ghosh realized that there were a lot of people planning, counting and greasing the wheel as compared to the revenue-producing people.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The divisions started functioning as different companies with barriers between them and there was a little flow of communication and ideas 5.

There were a series of problems and limitations that followed after each structural change in the organization and hence Ghosh kept on implementing new structures to address the issues at each level.

It accounted for a greater degree of control Problems Created or persistent: It was a more broadly classified structure with clearly defined functions and a division of teams that had better hierarchy and flow of authority. Customer focus diminished and people became concerned regarding internal processes rather than company-wide financial goals III Divisional Structure In Aug.

Necessary for a clearer definition of job responsibilities. The structure was made more products centric with product team managers assigned with the role of writing business plans for the products and integrating the functions. Ghosh found it very difficult to measure the managerial competence c Stage 3: Employees could now relate themselves with the new structure 2.

The resource allocation between the divisions now was not perceived as equitable 2. The conflicts of authority and resource allocation was resolved 2. It was similar to traditional organization structure with clarity of responsibilities and reporting structure Problems Created or persistent: Role of personalities came in dominance -Standards were set by individuals rather than the company policy 8.

The cost of resource allocation separately to the teams increased. Change management methods may be applied to any type of organizational change, including departmental changes, technology implementation, creating team based organizations and professional development.

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Politics came into existence — People became concerned about their titles and desk locations 5. Improvement in coordination, integration and planning over the earlier Problems Created or persistent: Problems Created or Persistent: Business and operational plans were put in place for multitude of projects and product managers could handle extended managerial activities which went out of capabilities of some personnel.

Confusion in defining the functions — How many distinct functions should be created, should marketing be a part of sales, should there be separate finance, human resource and accounting teams, etc.

They now focused on meeting the financial targets.

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Remember this is a small-scale project, so make the questions manageable. The brief and aim of the project is specific and focused on one particular area of a chosen topic. Necessary for better resource allocation and providing better accountability.

Evaluate the importance of each of the structural changes Ghosh implemented with respect to importance, problems resolved, and problems created; a start-up, 2 circular, 3 functional, 4 teams, and 5 divisional.What is the importance of engineering in management?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Ralph Strong, MBA George Washington University, Each of the above requires that the organization plan and organize their resources so that the execution of plans brings about the ability to reach goals and that too in a constrained environment.

EMGT Engineering and Technology Management. Assignment 4. Answers to these questions should demonstrate a thoughtful analysis and understanding of the subject. Department of Engineering The Department of Engineering is responsible for designing and managing the City’s public infrastructure.

This involves development of public streets which include roadways, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. Example Essay on Organization Management in Construction Industry.

People and organization management is a fundamental factor in achieving a realistic and efficient use of resources, especially human resources. work of one or more persons in the organization or who is accountable for specialist advisory duties in support of key.

Papers: Part A Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences The strategic role of engineering asset management Khaled O. El-Akruti University of Wollongong, [email protected] Richard Dwight Organizational management levels can be defined according to the planning horizon as strategic.

Engineering Management is a specialized form of management and engineering that is concerned with the application of engineering Statement of Purpose Engineering Business Management Essay I intend to pursue a Ph.D program and investigate issues concerned with technology as it affects organization strategy, structure and .

Fontana engineering management organization essay
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