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Life seemed great under British rule, but there was still that feeling of superiority that the English regarded the Indians with. The British conquered India with the help of their cleverness and Indian soldiers.

Through this Act the British introduced the concept of a civil law enacted by a secular human agency, i. In subsequent years, the same was extended to other states and after some time a whole network of laws through the process of enactment of laws and codification of old laws was developed.

The Charter Act of allowed the British subjects, access to Indian shore with their ships. But yet the ultimate power rested with the Parliament.

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In spite of the above demerits the judicial system created a consciousness of oneness. In this span of seventy-five years from tothe process and pattern of colonialism underwent different stages because the Charter Act of made by the British Parliament and Crown abolished the monopoly of the British East India Company and opened the gates of trade and commerce to every British citizen.

As already indicated, the earliest influence on the thinking of British administrators and thinkers was their idea of improvement or progress.

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In fact, taxes were raised and famine was the aftereffects of it. At the time, there was a majority of Hindus, a minority of Muslims and a handful of other religions. That is why Essays on colonialism in india were not only political and religious conflicts but also cultural ones.

Without a doubt, the British did it in the name of the development of their economy. It is Wellesley who introduced training for civil servants. Despite the opposition against the British colonists, there was part of the Indian population which was loyal to the British colonization during World War II.

It is well-know that Indian culture is absolutely different from European traditions. The British set up warehouses in order to store goods. When they had conquered India inIndia was not subjected to the influences of the western world, except for trade with the Greeks. The British takeover had improved their worldviews and education levels.

Besides, the Indian system of education suffered from the British colonization as there were many changes introduced. The laws of India were codified by this Act through a law commission appointed by the Governor General.

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Colonialism was a way of showing the racial superiority by the European countries. Bombay and Madras were to keep their separate armies under the commander-in-chief and were kept under the control of the central government. In the earth 19th century, the British encouraged agriculture, which decreased nomads and pastors.

This board was given power over the activities of the Court of directors. As a result, the British were successful and captured very vast parts of India, especially those where there were internal conflicts.

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However, soon those warehouses became a reasonable cause to build forts and create armies. Broadly the structure of the judicial system is divided as follows: In order to earn maximum profits from Indian trade and commerce and to develop monopoly of trade and commerce they competed with other European powers.

The cycle is Essays on colonialism in india to that of the Israelis and the Pakistanis in the Middle East. They added one more member from each province to the central legislative body. At that time, there was no peace in India as disorganized kingdoms fought against each other.

The Great Revolt opened the eyes of the British and made it clear how the Indians hated the British rule for all their evil deeds and an attempt was made by the British to rectify their blunder by the Government of India Act of In criminal cases Sadar Nizamat Adalat in Calcutta and Sadar Faujdari Adalat in Madras and Bombay happened to be the highest, followed by the court of circuit presided over by civil servants followed by local courts presided over by Indian magistrates who are called principal Sadar Amins in Madras Presidency.

India Council should consist of 15 members and it was to be an advisory body to the secretary of state. India was a big part of British economy. At the period of colonization knowledge of English was the basement for further education.

When the British adopted India into their empire, India was ruled under the Queen. For instance, they changed their government to a democracy, now they have a president, prime minister, etc. It is Cornwallis who initiated the police system.

They were not accepted as true equals, and that soon aroused rebellions. They kept the level of conflicts down by supplying western law, police systems, modernized cities, and educated them by building more schools that taught western subjects.Political legacy of colonialism in India A lot of countries were experienced of political legacy of colonialism.

This essay will focus on concept colonialism and its reasons. This notion could be defined in different ways. Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Globalization: A Form of Colonialism - Colonialism was a concept of superiority of one territory over another; it was a concept that originated centuries ago.

The Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, during a hunt in British India, Samuel Bourne / Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection In this photo, Edward, Prince of Wales, is shown hunting in India from the back of an elephant.

Prince Edward made an eight-month-long trip around. Essay topics in this lesson include prompts on India's colonial history.

Colonial India Before the British Empire added India to their realm. Research question: What was India's economy like under colonial rule? In the British East India Company established its dominance in Bengal and nearly years later, in the British Crown took over India's princely states.

Positive Impact of British Imperialism on India Essay Sample. The British Imperialism had a positive impact on India. When they had conquered India inIndia was not subjected to the influences of the western world, except for trade with the Greeks.

Essays on colonialism in india
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