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Higher education will be required to produce individuals that are better prepared to practice at the full scope of their ability and will continue to promote lifelong learning. These constraints must be lifted to provide nurses the opportunities they need to facilitate the need for change.

According to the IOM nursing care is linked to higher quality care and increased patient safety. A leader must ensure involvement with committees and boards where policies and decisions are made. References Institute of Medicine. I have only just begun my transition back into the hospital setting, and have not yet become a member of any organizations.

The Impact of the 2010 IOM Report on the Future of Nursing Essay

There is a shift in need for more community care. The competencies and expertise of those nurses in practice will be imperative in leading the regulatory policies to contribute to the care and safety of the patients IOM, Due to sheer numbers and quality advanced education, nurses can have a massive impact on the need for advancement in the Essay future 2010 profession and can aid the need for more affordable healthcare.

Regulatory policies are so diverse across the country that it will be critical to revise and standardize nursing scope of practice across the states. These nurses will fill the ever-growing demand for providers and researchers across the profession.

With the execution of the ACA it will be vital for nurses to be knowledgeable about cultural and ethnic diversity to implement the patient centered medical home model of healthcare. In addition there is also opposition in relation to prescriptive privileges for APRNs; however the contention that APRNs are less able than physicians to deliver care that is safe, effective, and efficient is not supported by research IOM,p.

You will be able to provide nurses a voice in decision-making committees. Initiative on the future of nursing. References Institute of Medicine.

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You are able to lead, research, and discover new strategies to better facilitate cost-effective care of the patients, not just in an acute care setting, but in the community as well.

The fragmented health care system also makes the nursing practice difficult with regards to completing tasks such as discharge planning and implementation of home health. Leading Change, Advancing Health.

It is particularly imperative for APRNs to be allowed to practice independently to the full scope of their education and a capability to provide care for those living in states with vast rural areas that are severely underserved in primary care IOM,p.

American Association of Colleges of Nurses.

The Future of Nursing Essay

Impact on nursing practice Due to the affordable care act, the healthcare profession is in need of drastic change. At this juncture in my career I feel like I would best serve as a nurse educator.

A leader must possess the ability to collaborate and work in full partnership with physicians as well as other members of the healthcare profession.

In conclusion the role of nurses will be forced to undergo radical changes in the areas of education, practice and leadership in the transformation of our health care system.

I believe the patient centered medical home model will be the most Essay future 2010 tool to accomplish the evolution of the health care system. The future of nursing: Hire Writer The educational system for nursing needs to make modifications to provide for an easier and seamless transition to allow for academic advancement.

Mentorship, leadership programs, and fellowship programs are the key in preparing nurses to answer the call to collaborate and lead not only the committees, and established boards but also our country in the innovation and reformation of the healthcare system IOM, It is therefore crucial that current nurses and those of the future are equipped with the competencies not only to give high value, high quality and safe care to the patient population but also an intimate knowledge of health care delivery, ethics, and innovative ideas with the ability to provide effective patient advocacy IOM,p.

Thus, providing nurses a voice in the decision-making process of improving healthcare delivery. Leading change, advancing health.

The Future of Nursing:The Impact on Nursing of the IOM report on the Future of Nursing Nurses play a vital role working on the front lines of patient care; (Iom) Essay The Impact of The Institute of Medicine Report (IOM) Laurella Dotson Grand Canyon University April 15, % FREE Papers on Future essay.

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Free Essay: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health Lisa Greenspon Grand Canyon University Professional Dynamics NRSV Elizabeth.

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Essay future 2010
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