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Different types of tricks are employed to attract and attend the valuable customers. If used judiciously, the electronic media can prove to be very useful, educationally as well as socially, political and economically.

They compete with one another to give news first. Media is a mean of transmitting the message, thought, opinion and view point.

In short, electronic media can make a lot of difference to our society if it only wishes to do so. He always engages with doing something unique.

Owning a radio becomes a symbol of pride and social status. It was a time when a man could hardly think about the unbelievable development that is within reach now.

Visitors too are unwelcome when the favourite serial or movies is being aired. Science is a park of magical things.

Posted by Kawish Hassan at. It took time to deliver the message and the probability of spoiling the message was on the top. Discussions on various topics can help the educated masses increase their intellectual abilities and widen their horizons.

The various news channels keep the vigilant citizens updated. Electronic media is, in fact, a powerful means of check and balance.

Electronic Media

The officials, government departments and ministries Essay for electronic media to do good things. It has invaded and cut shot our social life. How could they see a person sitting miles away? So clearly so closely? Along with TV, there are other means of electronic media like the internet or cinema which are fast growing and are extremely popular TV can help strengthen our diversity, strengthening our unite and integrity and shake off social evils and superstitions.

The electronic media brings out the news and views about all the important issues. Gone are the days when television was a monopoly of a few rice. Thus, Families sit around as strangers watching sacrificing their family bonds at the alter of Television.

Science was hailed as the mistress of all knowledge become it had made the impossible happen — a voice travelled and reached every nook and corner of the word. Such things happen when human beings are enslaved by technology, when they let such thing to guide their lives and master them.

If we want to be dominant in the world, we will have to accept the challenge of electronic media otherwise we will be limping and looking at others. In the beginning, man used horse and other animal to send the message to the receiver. All the information in all topics is far beyond one touch of a button.

Television now has invaded not only every home, but every sphere of life. And that hear him? Now students have a great opportunity to enhance their knowledge through accessing internet.

People wondered and were over-joyed with this great invention. On the other hand it gives extensive options in selecting the desired product. The electronic media is playing a great role in our country.

Essay on the Role of Electronic Media in India

Sometimes an innocent client is really confused in making the decision. Channels like Discovery and national Geographic keep the inquisitive mind busy and satisfy every intellectual query of a probing mind.

Essay on the Role of Electronic Media in India Article shared by Nowadays, another very popular means of social interaction and propagation that has emerged along with the print Media is the rise of Electronic Media. It can bring about a positive change in the society if it understands its responsibilities.

Thus electronic media can play a great constructive role in help build of the social and cultural infrastructure of the nation if wisely within the limits of decency and intellectuality.

These also reflect upon the social impact that television has. Electronic Media has become very strong these days. But blaming Television for all this solely would be an utter foolishness. Television can help popularize technology and internationalize and universalize our outlook.Electronic media: Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another.

Over time, technology has progressed and has created new forms of and ideas about communication. ROLE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA. IMPORTANCE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA.

Man has a nature of curiosity. He always engages with doing something unique. In the past century they explored in many field. Essay On Role of Media in Pakistan Major Role all tv channel & feature Pakistan discuss here negative and positive Role of Media in. Nowadays many people cannot be separates from electronic devices.

They believe it can help them to finish their work. Its true because by using. Electronic Media Essays: OverElectronic Media Essays, Electronic Media Term Papers, Electronic Media Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Electronic Media has become very strong these days.

Electronic media is free today. People pay attention to electronic media. The electronic media. Importance of electronic media in communication Communication is the passing of information by utilizing various media among them electronic media.

Electronic media uses media such as television, radio, and internet enabled computers made possible by technology. Importance Of Electronic Media In Communication (Essay/Paper .

Essay for electronic media
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