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Riggs also alleges that Alicia Bulla is a similarly situated employee. If this offer is accepted by substantially all of the stockholders to whom it is directed, the Directors will consider liquidation and final dissolution of the Corporation.

See Reeves, U. Riggs next contends that the subjectivity Ms. Thus, a motion for summary judgment in an employment discrimination case is no different from a motion for summary judgment in any other civil action: Frances Riggs-Young, Scott C. Riggs, the district court distinguished their terminations because their misconduct did not involve customers.

Morris, a supervisor recommending termination should ensure that the complaining customer was being truthful and investigate the incident to accumulate all the facts before bringing the matter to her attention.

The form was accompanied by a certified copy of the resolution of liquidation. They had nine children, among them the Catholic priest T.


Section a of the Code provides as a general rule: This requires the court to weigh the facts. Standard, at all times relevant hereto, had 6, shares of callable preferred stock issued and outstanding and 11, shares of common stock issued and outstanding.

On two occasions prior to the termination, Ms. Second, she contends that the evidence presented was sufficient to raise a genuine issue of material fact regarding whether she was terminated because of her age. The district court concluded that these employees were not similarly situated because Ms.

Riggs has not proffered evidence from which a jury could permissibly infer that Ms. Lacking such a finding, we believe the date on which the resolution to liquidate was actually adopted by the shareholders should be controlling. This stock was subject to redemption at the option of Riggs-Young upon payment of the par value and any accumulated dividend.

United States Tax Court. Dolieslager deliberately withheld information from Ms. Two others, Amy Tattershall and Michelle Hill, were terminated after they drove a company vehicle into a gate and lied to their supervisor about it.

Such a result would thwart the congressional intent of section and prior judicial interpretations of this section and its predecessor. Riggs with luggage and commented that Ms.

Both Vester and Stokey testified that as of January 19,the date the board of directors of Riggs-Young voted to redeem the preferred stock, no decision had been made to liquidate the corporation, and, therefore, no plan had been adopted. Therefore, we conclude that Ms.

Riggs based on this evidence. There are certainly infractions warranting summary termination, but deciding whether this was one of them would require us to act as a super-personnel department, not a court.

The firm was immediately successful; it was able to obtain a major share of the loans required by the federal government, acquired a reputation in financing the Mexican-American Warand made large profits.

In any case, we have considered all of Ms. Standard did the manufacturing and the two subsidiaries marketed its products. The liquidation fails to meet the eighty percent stock ownership requirements of section b 1 of the Code since the plan of liquidation was adopted at the time Y reached the agreement with the minority shareholders and at such time, Y owned seventy-five percent of the stock of X.

The testimony of Norman Vester, a director of Riggs-Young and president of Security National Bank which was cotrustee of Riggs Trust, and Roger Stokey, the attorney for petitioner, Riggs-Young, and Frances Riggs-Young, reveal that the redemption of the preferred stock was motivated by the desire to eliminate the excessive burden of a cumulative dividend of 8 percent and to reduce the number of shareholders with whom Riggs-Young and National Security Bank, as cotrustee of the majority shareholder, would have to deal.


Dolieslager testified that Ms. Riggs at least once that she was too old to be moving heavy luggage; and Ms. In this case, however, we find on the evidence that the plan of liquidation was adopted when the formal action was taken on June 20, Riggs claims that inconsistencies and contradictions in documentation and testimony demonstrate pretext.

Dolieslager treated similarly situated employees differently. In the case at bar, there is no evidence of an agreement between the minority and majority shareholders prior to the tender offer. In other words, the finder of fact would need to draw an inference in order to determine that the outward manifestations of Ms.

At the meetings, 10, of the 11, shares of Standard common stock outstanding and 6, of the 6, shares of Standard preferred stock outstanding were voted in favor of the sale of assets.

Through his model, Riggs suitably and thoroughly addresses these questions.Case opinion for US 10th Circuit RIGGS v. AIRTRAN AIRWAYS INC. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw. According to the SEC’s complaint filed in federal court in Raleigh, N.

C. against CAUSwave Inc. and its principals Jeffrey L. Riggs and Diane R. Baldwin: From February to MarchCAUSwave, Riggs, and Baldwin raised more than $6 million from “friends and colleague investors” through the sale of shares of CAUSwave.

Case Reviewed George L. Riggs, Inc. v.

Case Reviewed George L. Riggs, Inc. v. CIR., 64 TC 474 (1975) Essay

CIR., 64 TC () Theoretical framework Example Theories and development of public administration. Following is the case brief for Riggs v. Palmer, New York Court of Appeals, () Case summary for Riggs v.

Palmer: Francis Palmer executed a will, leaving his estate to his daughter and grandson. The petitioner, George L. Riggs, Inc.

(hereinafter Riggs), is a corporation incorporated in under the laws of the State of Connecticut with its principal office at the time the petition herein was filed at 89 Logan Street, Springfield, Mass.

George Washington Riggs (July 4, – August 24, ) was an American businessman and banker. He was known as "The President's Banker." Life and work.

Riggs v. Palmer

Riggs was born in Georgetown, D.C. (now part of Washington), the son of Elisha Riggs and Alice billsimas.coms: Elisha Riggs.

Case reviewed george l riggs inc
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