Being an alcoholic at a young age in my name is davy im an alcoholic a book by anne snyder

Her young readers responded by sending her hundreds of letters each year, often including intimate details of their lives and struggles. At the end of the book, Davy finally realized what he had become.

Families are so often an after-thought. Maxi takes it very seriously, But Davy drinks when she is not around and insists he is not an alcoholic.

The story of a high school girl and her alcoholic mother, it was adapted for television as an ABC Afterschool Special. In my experience, the family is the number one vehicle to lasting change and stability. Thank you again for being you?

You saved my life. I am becoming a fan quickly!

Anne Snyder; Fiction for Young Adults Treated Real-Life Themes

The setting of the book is never specifically mentioned, but I believe that it takes place in a fairly large city. Her non-judgmental approach and enthusiasm for sharing this research put the audience at ease, which made them especially interested in what she had to say.

See below for a new FREE app! She attended high school in Detroit and later put herself through two years of college. It really made me think about how my drinking has hurt my family.

Mike and his gang fled the scene when they heard police sirens. I really liked how the characters developed throughout the story, and could relate certain situations to ones in my life. She also studied creative writing at Los Angeles Valley College.

She researched and wrote questions for the "Hollywood Squares" game show and contributed concepts and scripts for "General Hospital" and "The Lucille Ball Show. Lisa Frederiksen is a dynamic speaker who has a great depth of knowledge about her subject matter.

He spilled alcohol at school on Mike and Mike then accepted Davy into his group. Irwin I have spent some time on your website in the last couple of days. Also, it had never entered my mind about healing our family or that we even needed it. They both get really drunk, and when Davy wakes up he finds out that Maxi drowned and died.

Maxi is another main character. One day they are walking on the beach and Davy convinces Maxi to drink. With these understandings, individuals, families, workplaces, schools, and communities can take more effective actions to change the conversations and break the cycles around the issues covered in my Blog Categories.

It was published inthree years before the disorder leaped to the forefront of public awareness with the death of pop singer Karen Carpenter. I believe that the idea the author was trying to get across was that once you start making bad decisions it takes control of your life.

Davy was then introduced to Maxi in the group. The author does a great job of explaining that addiction is a disease of the brain, no different than how diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. They have been eye opening and incredibly helpful. However, Maxi and him become great friends that always drink together.

The vocabulary was easy and the book flowed very well.

Being an Alcoholic | Living with an Alcoholic – Which is Worse?

Mike and his gang are a bunch of bad influence teenagers on Davy and Maxi. I think it sends a strong message to readers as well. I want to thank you. I enjoyed the book very much and could not put it down. I have a spiritual life too…relying on my Higher Power to do for me what I cannot do for myself.

I always read what you post and learn so much from you. The vocabulary was easy to understand and it still made a good story. She was writing a semiautobiographical book in recent years.

Snyder was born in Boston and grew up in the blue-collar Jewish neighborhoods of Detroit. He then runs away from home and tries to start a new life.

Just reading through some of the website and I have to share with you that a huge weight has been lifted from my heart or brain?Feb 13,  · Snyder wrote 17 books, including "50, Names for Jeff," "My Name Is Davy--I'm an Alcoholic" and "First Step." Like other novelists who specialized in young-adult reality fiction, she did not believe in sheltering children from perplexing social issues.

Says Lily, “My parents saw where drugs and alcohol took me and they wanted to get help. But once I had been sober a while, my mom had a hard time viewing me as an alcoholic.” Perhaps it’s the permanence of the term “alcoholic” or “addict” that’s so. My Name Is Davy, I'm An Alcoholic By Anne Snyder - FictionDB.

Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. It was considered to be a book for young adults but I couldn't put it down. It focused on teen drunkeness which led to Davie's destruction.

This is /5(5). Being an Alcoholic | Living with an Alcoholic – Which is Worse? Carolyn Hughes shares her thoughts on which is worse – being an alcoholic or living with an alcoholic. The following is a guest post by Carolyn Hughes, a freelance writer with special interest in.

My Name Is Davy, I'm an Alcoholic: A Novel [Anne Snyder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lonely high school boy becomes involved with alcohol and together with Maxi laughs, loves, and drinks his way into a catastrophe/5(8).

Being an alcoholic at a young age in my name is davy im an alcoholic a book by anne snyder
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