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The faculty is also aging which inflicts the need to recruit more nursing centered faculty. Bibliography lists 8 sources. This 4 page paper, with a two page annotated bibliography, considers how this impacts on the nurses. When nurses are recruited from other countries and states it provides only a short term solution to a long term goal.

At the same time, the public is hearing about the stress nurses experience and the shortage of staff in hospitals; these reports prompt many to feel it is unsafe to leave family alone when hospitalized.

Bibliography lists 4 sources. They play a vital role in successful delivery of patient care and positive outcomes. Tierney, Finding appropriate staff to teach the nurses that are needed to enter the workforce is another problem that that surrounds this crisis.

Florida Center For Nursing, Registered Nurses RN that once where assigned total patient care requiring many if not all of duties relevant to patient needs now would take a more of a managerial role and delegate appropriate tasks to the LPN, CNA or other certified staff, which is known as the nursing team model approach.

The workforce of nurses are aging and are retiring or coming to the end of their Annotated bibliography nursing shortage leaving a gap that will be hard to fill with regard to experience and sound decision making Tierney, The average age of a working nurse today is Some nursing homes are striving for a restraint-free environment, but some still argue that physical restraints are necessary to prevent residents from injuring themselves.

Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Trying to supplement nurses with other less qualified staff may be detrimental to overall care and patient satisfaction. Bibliography lists 5 sources. This can lead to potential burnout and loss of job satisfaction. From tothe number of full time positions filled by foreign-RNs working in the United States increased by 93, The Journal of Advanced Nursing argues that the Nursing shortage is a global problem that only a local solution will provide a promising long term effect.

Also, the writer offers a discussion that contrasts and compares the articles before offering conclusions. It is twice as high as any nursing shortage seen since Nurses frequently report that they do not encourage their own children to consider nursing as a career.

There are images of striking nurses and headlines of layoffs and downsizing because of managed care. Annotated Bibliography - The Impacts of Falls on The Elderly Population Living in the Community with Special Attention on Those Suffering from Chronic Conditions This 8 page paper is an annotated bibliography, reviewing 15 different articles which may be used to help in a larger project dealing with falls in the elderly population.

Inadequate staffing of nurses can result in many negative outcomes for patients seeking the care of nurses in many medical settings.

The writer explores aspects of this issue and consider the fact that nurses with an associates degree make up nearly 60 per cent of the nursing work force.

Patients often experience interacting with many different health care staff that preforms different tasks, which can cause the patient to feel overwhelmed and confused.

Patient Restraint Annotated Bibliography A 6 page annotated bibliography describing 6 sources. Central to this issue is the need to revise how nurses are valued.

The awareness for the nursing shortage has merged the increase of educational recruitment methods and programs from private, public and community universities. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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As simple as it sounds, all nurses need to be aware of the way in which they discuss their work in public. The Effect of Nursing Shortages on Patient Care Patient care is the most important aspect regarding the nursing profession. This approach can be effective in some healthcare settings by creating more efficient facilities but also leave room for lapse in communication and patient care needs.

The nursing shortage continues to put a strain on present nurses currently working in the field.

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There are stories of nursing errors that have injured or killed patients, most recently in the Chicago Tribune Berens, a, b, c. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

As the increase for more care raises the demand for more nurses also increases leaving a supplementary demand that must be addressed. This research paper will explore past, present, and future contributors to the epidemic of nursing shortage that affect the present health care system.

Hospitals and other health care facilities are moving toward higher educational credentials to reduce the probability of malpractice suits resulting from medical errors.

This change will put another strain on our health care system and in the need for nurses will continue to escalate.what is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents.

Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. Annotated Bibliography - Staffing Issues in Nursing: Annotated Bibliography. My Account. Staffing Issues in Nursing: Annotated Bibliography Essay. Staffing Issues in Nursing: Annotated Bibliography Essay Essay on The Nursing Shortage - Since the ’s, the interest in nursing and the profession as a whole has decreased.

view of nursing from an operational necessity to a key strategic element essential to hospital clinical and financial success. Horn, S.D.

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(). The business case for nursing in long-term care. This study looks specifically at RN staffing impact on patient care outcomes in the long-term care setting.

The Nursing Shortage and the Quality of Patient Care - Annotated Bibliography Example

The Journal of Advanced Nursing argues that the Nursing shortage is a global problem that only a local solution will provide a promising long term effect.

When the needs for staffing at a local level arise, those needs can only be met by individuals that live locally. The requirements for this assignment called for us to find a minimum of 10 sources that clearly identify and support my argument on the nursing shortage in America.

I found even more sources than were needed providing me with a plethora of information on my topic. NURSING SHORTAGE 2 Annotated Bibliography On Nursing Shortage “Solving nursing shortages: a common priority” is about the shortage of nurses and how the shortage directly affects healthcare services provided to patients%(2).

Annotated bibliography nursing shortage
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