A comparison of the amish heritage and culture to the ones of a typical american family

The German language, "Deitch", is also taught in their schools. It is agreed upon within the community by the elders prior to the annual Communion. In some cases, children have the same teacher for all eight grades.

Believing that such coercion and violence mock the gentle spirit of Jesus, the Amish reject the use of force, including litigation. Some communities have organized church aid plans for families with special medical costs. The Amish think it is wrong to have more land or more money than they need to live.

We understand that it is similar to "Platt" that is spoken in parts of northern Germany. Amish women are expected to wear a prayer covering and a bonnet when they appear in public settings.

First, farms have been subdivided into smaller units with intensive cropping and larger concentrations of livestock. Very few Amish live west of the Mississippi or in the deep south. Although eggs are sometimes painted and children may be given a basket of candy, Easter bunnies do not visit Amish homes.

An example would be Psalm Amish farm where they live and keep their food. I want to add that Amish people always look very clean and trim.

The Amish Way of Life

A bishop, two preachers, and a deacon share leadership responsibilities in each district without formal pay or education. Amish stove with which they warm their houses.

Every person in the community is considered to be a valuable part of the system, and when one of them suffers physically or mentally, in some way, it makes suffer all other mates.

Baffling to outsiders, these lines of faithfulness maintain inter-group boundaries and also preserve the cultural purity of the church. Also, some Amish families carry some small amount of livestock for providing themselves with milk, eggs, meat etc.

Those who break their promise face excommunication and shunning. Leisure and pleasure have long been suspect in Amish life. Family and friends in the local church district assume barn and household chores, freeing the immediate family. Some metal fabrication shops arrange subcontracts with other manufacturers.

Badges of ethnicity—horse, buggy, lantern, dialect, and dress—draw sharp contours between Amish and modern life.

The New Order Amish are considered being more progressive and conservative at the same time than ones from the Old Order.

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This high birth rate feeds the growth of the community of Amish in PA, as does the fact that four out of five children choose to become baptized and remain in the church.Buy Cross-Cultural Comparison between Amish and American Culture essay paper online The Amish people originated from Anabaptist in the 16th century Europe.

The Anabaptist is a religion that came about during the reformation era. Learn more about the Amish way of life along the Heritage Trail. The Amish aren’t completely cut off from the larger American society.

Often they run businesses with English (their word for non-Amish) employees and customers, so many people are in daily contact with broader society.

The Amish Culture

The Amish believe in being modest in attitude and appearance, two qualities I do not possess, the typical Amish teenager would wear mostly black (pants, vest and tunic and/or a bland coloured shirt) and they would always wear a hat or something to cover their head. Essays Related to Cross-Cultural Comparison.

1. Jane Smiley and /5(5). In Amish society, older family members are respected and cared for by the family and community, often moving into a special addition to the house. The PA Amish generally do not accept social security and try to avoid the use of nursing billsimas.comon: Greenfield Road, Lancaster,PA.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Similarities Between Amish And American Culture" Similarities Between Amish And American Culture (Essay Sample) Another similarity between the Amish and the Americans is the value that they have towards a family.

Despite the fact that the Amish believe in an extended family while the .

A comparison of the amish heritage and culture to the ones of a typical american family
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